Alexa Martinez

Sounds by the Sea

Motion graphics piece for music lovers

Design & Animation. Fall 2013.

Sounds by the Sea is a new music festival that is taking over the sandy shores of New Jersey. Unfortunately the locals are unaware of the event. The line-up has an exciting mix of beach, folk, and rock tunes that can develop a big following once the word is out. An immediate solve that can reach wide audiences is a short title sequence, generating a buzz among concert goers and promoting anticipated headliners.


Planning involves a strategic approach to storyboarding, identifying key moments that need to be featured.

Design Direction

A simple, bright design direction drew from the following inspiration to play upon the fun, easy-going atmosphere of the festival.


Many elements of this style relate down to use of simple shape and color in junction with lively secondary animation.


The Takeaway

It’s all of the little things that count. I was excited to relate to both my roots of New Jersey and love for music in this project. The lesson? Animating according to sound brings unrivaled energy and cohesion. Going the extra mile in animating details elevates the work to a whole new level.

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