Alexa Martinez

Knee Therapy

Concept and design for rehabilitation app

Design & Animation. Fall 2014.

Knee Therapy was inspired by a personal knee injury I suffered my senior season of collegiate soccer. The rehabilitation was tough, let alone monitoring my progress via pen and paper. Living in such a digital age I was astonished to not have a tool at my disposal. I decided to create a tracker that monitors real-time progress of all stats kept during therapy. The goal is to provide a more enjoyable experience for the monotonous tasks of log-keeping, alleviating stress and combating discouragement.

Initial Ideation

Beginning sketches illustrate a modular system that considers the constraints of a tablet.

Info Architecture

Knee Therapy breaks statistics down to a comprehensive dashboard, pulling results from Strength and Conditioning workouts. Statistics gathered aggregate from exercise machines used in rehab. Manual input is available as well.


The rehab timeline became a central part of the app, constantly adjusting based on weekly or monthly progress.

Design Inspiration

A dark user interface with bold pops of color signify strength and focus.

The Takeaway

The close connection I felt to the material of this project propelled me to work hard to get it right. I spent most of my ideation trying to figure out what would help me best in therapy if this was a reality. Essentially, making myself an example of the user allowed for a successful outcome.

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