Alexa Martinez

Greatest Hotels

Rebranding and web presence for luxury hoteliers

Identity & Website. Fall 2013.

Greatest Hotels is new to the market of Online Direct Reservations for luxury hotels. They are in need of an identity and web presence reflective of their upscale, high quality brand. Incorporating Google Business Photos to drive traffic and captivate users is of utmost priority.


Who are they?

  • 25 to 55-year-olds with upper income
  • Willing to spend $500-1,000 a night
  • Spontaneous travelers with exquisite taste

What do they need?

  • To visit the greatest hotels in the world
  • The ability to envision their hotel experience
  • A smart and quick process for easy booking

User Paths

Two different user paths are used to illustrate the potential of the Greatest Hotels website.

The Brand

In order to evoke the particular high-class image of Greatest Hotels, a fleur-de-lis was used as inspiration for the mark.


After Branding was established, the wireframe process began.

Design Direction

A bright, light interface became the solution for a simple, impactful style.

Final Comps

Style Guide

Review the style guide for Greatest Hotels in order to see the fine details of the project.

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The Takeaway

In nearly ten weeks I took the full journey of working with a client from start to finish. I learned how to listen to the challenges proposed and turned them into a complete product with a collective vision. Understanding clients may be difficult at times, and the process of wireframing in its entirety may be overwhelming, but the end result will always be satisfying.

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