Alexa Martinez

Giving to CIAS

Redesign of RIT's alumni donation process

Website Redesign. Fall 2014.

Giving to CIAS reimagines the experience of an alumni or donor as they visit RIT's online portal. The focus is on the College of Imaging Arts & Sciences, displaying important information that users want to see, ultimately leading to increased conversion for donations.

Existing Experience

Dissecting the existing donation flow allowed for some insight into what steps were essential to the process.

A New Approach

Giving to CIAS welcomes a more sophisticated design while simplifying the donation process to the bare essentials. The homepage strategically showcases a variety of student work, college news and updates relevant to users.

The Donation Process

InVision Prototype

Review the full donation process via an interactive prototype using InVision.

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The Takeaway

Breaking down the existing UX of the donation process was a heavy task. Once simplified, it was enjoyable to create a better flow. One of the best learning tools was using InVision for the first time to showcase my prototype.

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